by Jitendra

Testing and Inspection: Stay Compliant, Ensure Safety, Limit Downtime

Current codes require regular testing and inspection to be performed on all types of fire protection systems. These inspections are critical to ensuring your property is safe, compliant and that all systems are ready when needed. Putting our customers first means that we are staying on top of these ever-changing codes and regulations so you don’t have to.

No matter what type of fire protection system or what type of facility: Encore’s team of licensed and certified field technicians will implement a recurring testing and inspection schedule that fits your unique needs to ensure regulatory compliance and gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

Our team of experts are licensed and trained to test and inspect all types of fire systems in all New England states. We have specialists in fire alarm inspection, fire extinguisher maintenance, fire sprinkler inspection, and all fire suppression systems.

This in-house ability enables you to have one consistent, reliable service level while also giving you one central point of contact. As a result, it eliminates the need to coordinate and deal with multiple companies, and saves you time and money!


  • Compliance with current codes
  • Have your system ready when you need it most
  • Limit downtime, costly false alarms and liability
  • Clear and thorough reporting of system functionality